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NVDA remote server.

Connect to our NVDA remote server.

NVDA is a free screen reader for blind and low-vissioned people that says what is being displayed on screen by way of navagating with the keyboard and allows addons to be installed.
NVDA Remote is one of the addons that you can obtain from and is a way for people to do tech support with one another, should they have both the addon and NVDA installed as well.
In recent months, the community released the relay server for people to connect to and we, along with other people have decided to run our own servers and have people use them for whatever reason they chose.


To connect to our server, you can do the long way as listed below, or you can fill out a form from here and it will automaticly connect you to our servers with your key you have assigned. It will either connect to allow your computer to be controled, or it can connect to someone else's computer once they have it connected to our servers.

Note: One you're connected to someone's computer, press f11 to switch to control the remote machine or switch to your local machine.

Connecting using NVDA.

To connect using NVDA remote addon, do the folowing.

Now, you are connected so that someone can do tech support with you.

Connecting online.

Fill out the following form below and you'll automaticly be connected to our servers so that someone can do tech support with you.

Choose controler or client.
Choose controller or client:

NVDA remote key.