This will try and list each and every TeamTalk server that is out there in the world. The repository is designed to be easy to navigate and select a desired server. Simply navigate the table below!

Note: Some servers are account based. For this reason, on the server page for that TeamTalk server, you will see a form with a username and password field that you need to enter in said credentials and it will automaticly connect you to such said server.

If a server is not account based, then you will see a link that will connect you to the desired TeamTalk server. So, have fun and enjoy.

Contributing Servers

if you want your TeamTalk server to be in the repository, please fill out this form and we will get it aproved.

List of Servers

Note: Please make sure you have the TeamTalk client installed on your devices before continuing. Otherwise, things might not work as expected.

TeamTalk server list
Server Name (as link) Description Date Added
Renova Games Server where you can chat with people of many languages. Currently more frequented by Brazilians and Spaniards. 20 April 2019
the perone house server come to have a good time and talk to people, a nice chilling place, no drama aloud, no spamming, just talk and hang with friends. 07 March 2019
Andrew's world of crazyness A place for people to go and hang out. no drama will be tolerated. If you would like an account add me on skype: 815-324-2917 09 August 2018
Patrick's Server This is Patrick's server. Nothing really much to see but it's there for anyone who wants to connect. Just have fun on it, don't cause drama, and we'll all make use of this mostly unused server! 08 August 2018
The Chill Zone This server is for those who just want to, basically, chill. Hang out. Get to know people. Maybe you want to watch a movie or several. Maybe you want to stream a few music files to your friends. Maybe you just need somewhere to cool off after a long day at work or school or whatever. Come on up and chill! 08 August 2018
JimmyDub's tt server come join us and talk about stuff 08 August 2018
the VIP mansion Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay and please respect each other. 31 July 2018
dark flier teamtalk server A random server where you can go and hang out on. If you want a private channel, let me know by email darkflier01@gmail.com or tweet @darkflier01 10 February 2018
Epic Nights TeamTalk Server. this server is for epic nights, a couple blindeys straming games and having fun. it is open to anyone who wants to chat between themselves or us. 4 August 2017
Jason's Chipchap TeamTalk Server This server is a public server everyone, is welcome, anyone, can hang here, and have lots of fun, if you don't like what is going on in the current channel feel free to go to another channel, or ask an admin, and a channel will be created for you, however, if there is any drama on the server, please take it to the channel called the Arena, however please don't do anything extreme to cause attention to the server or admins, remember to be curteous and kind to others, please don't do anything extreme I don't like banning users, and I don't think you would like it either now lets have fun, and enjoy the server. 2 August 2017
Eric's Place Come in, relax and have fun... Absolutely no drama will be tollerated. Also note that the lobby is silent. Most of the time you can find everyone in the chatter box. 5 July 2017
The Southerners Lair The place to chill out and take off your shoes. Most importantly, Have a good time. 18 June 2017
Makaylas TeamTalk Server This is just a server, not unlike many other servers, where you can come and chat. If you want an account, email or iMessage aviator1865@gmail.com with username and password. 18 May 2017
Matthew's Somewhat Amusing World TeamTalk Server Hey guys. Welcome to my server. Please enjoy your stay. 17 May 2017
Realms TeamTalk Server Central location for communication. Co-hosted by JC-Hosting Services limited. 17 May 2017
Disney TeamTalk Server Hi, and welcome to a server dedicated to Disney! Please, keep this a happy place for all to enjoy! Come and join the fun, and leave all negativity behind! **Note** the root channel is silent, so please pick a channel. Have a magical time, and we hope you enjoy your stay! 17 May 2017
The Jonny Mouse Club House TeamTalk Server A clubhouse for all to come and have fun. 17 May 2017